Saturday, July 16, 2011

feel novel in one of these prints...

who doesn't love cats? okay.. don't answer that... but these are completely low maintenance and super cute.
summer and fruit go hand in hand... get orchard in these flirty frocks.... (what does "get orchard" mean anyway O_o )
i'm such a sucker for cherries.. especially rainier cherries.. i like them on my tops as well.. you should too...
and lastly.. i can never have enough polka dots in my life.. especially when they cover adorable vintage inspired sundresses such as these...
i leave for los angeles tomorrow.. me and carmegeddon have a date.. and i am swinging by the fashion district as well.. so stay tuned for heaps of new stuff in a week or so. xoxoxo
p.s. buy all these things here..

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