Monday, June 20, 2011

our best selling sun dress now in orange poppy print...

i <3 california. i <3 the california poppy. i will wear this dress in california tomorrow...
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back by popular demand.

skirting the issue...

this ruffle, tie back confection and these flirty skirts = summery perfection.
the end.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

boho meets pinup

new in store... in technicolor.

do not adjust your monitor.. these dresses are *that* amazing.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

feeling formal, getting married, love cup cakes so much you want to dress like one? (in a good way of course...)

this dress is adorable and will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure... shoot.. i would keep one for myself but then i would have to file myself into the "all dressed up with no where to go category.." so snag one while you can. I have a small amount of these so be quick... ex-oh!
need details? go here

oh.. and apparently i didn't drink enough coffee today as there is a typo at the bottom saying $25.. its wrong, i'm too lazy to fix it and as you can see my photoshop skills aren't that awesome.. so ignore that.. its $40. i will now replace my espresso iv drip with a new one. ;-)

p.s. this $25 special ends at midnight - TONITE!

so you like this dress? snag it for 50% off right this second.. read below for details.
so add as a friend on facebook - email me your size needed and pay pal email address and i will invoice you for $25 (international customers will have to pay for their shipping on top of the $25) this dress is seriously cute - i just have an over abundance of them. don't miss out.. they will be back at regular price come 12:01. word.

Back from the dregs...

I did a count on my entire stock load yesterday and found several items that weren't even in the store - WHOOPSIE! So.. making their re-debut are the following items.. be quick as I only have one or a few left in each. eBay will tell you how many I have left and what sizes are available as I hyperlinked each photo to the listing page - aren't my techy powers so super impressive O_o - no? oh. okay...

Monday, June 6, 2011

ruffles, blousy, birdies, flowy, flirty, floral - new stuff in stock!

blousy, birdies, flowy...
flirty, floral...
cooking up delicious new dresses daily at

Sunday, June 5, 2011

peonies aren't just for the kitchen table...

loving the feminine florals of these new dresses... find them all here