Sunday, December 18, 2011

24 Hour FLASH SALE + *heaps* of new stuff...

first.. if you like all the new stuff i have been posting on Facebook & eBay.. then you need to get your bootie over to the le bomb shop eBay store and take advantage of the 24 hour sale.. everything is 10% - 40% off. please note that this discount doesn't apply to purchases made prior to the sale start and it won't apply to items after it finishes.. so just get over there now and buy so you wont miss out. 

next.. i have posted so many new items lately and haven't blogged about them for a few reasons.. mainly i was in new zealand on a 2 week camping trip and my wi-fi abilities were lacking hardcore.. but i managed to keep things moving regardless.. just didn't have time to blog. so quickly.. here is a bunch of new items that you will find in store:

happy holiday's and stay tuned.. i have a bunch more new stuff coming your way!

Friday, November 4, 2011

meanwhile.. back at the ranch..

polka dots were taking over my office..
so i just *had* to keep at least one of them
i call this 
"50s Style RED & White POLKA DOT Pinup SODA Jerk Puff Cap Sleeve BELTED Sun Dress"
and its coming to the store tomorrow night..
stay tuned..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Facebook is broken > Doomsday 2012

Just a little update to say that for some reason my Facebook is broken. I have been trying to log into the le bomb shop page for over 24 hours now to no avail.. Facebook just says that my page is down during site maintenance. So my apologies if you have emailed me at Facebook or I haven't posted any new updates for you to read while your laying on the couch or bored at work.. I will be back as soon as they fix it. Meanwhile I will be productive and get some of these new styles up in store.. I do have 36 new dresses staring at me from across the room. Until then.. have a beautiful day! :)

update: all fixed as of yesterday 11/03/11 yippee!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new items in stock!

Find all of these items in store at le bomb shop now

gold just sold out but more are on their way.. check back in a week

go to le bomb shop now - was that subtle?